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Being in business for a decade now has taught me a significant lesson on sacrifice.  Not a lesson I have leaned on my own or taught myself, rather an introspective glance into the world my wife and family lives everyday, being attached to a self employed entrepreneur.

when deciding to take a step into this writing/blogging thing, I have forced myself to look at all the aspects of my business.  The daily trench warfare that either causes the successes or failures of each day.

The hardest lesson I have ever had to learn was that I cannot do this alone.

Trust me; I tried.  I failed… and not only failed myself, but others.

Heartbreaking Reality!

I try to be positive and optimistic surrounding the concept of failure and how it can always be curved into a lesson we need to learn, however, this one, I repeat, was the hardest lesson to learn.

On my own I followed my goals, desires, wants, and selfish motivations… I had a vision, but lacked the perspective

In business you must have a vision, but you also need perspective.  Not just your own eyes, but the view from another lens.  Being entrenched in the day to day stresses and craziness, it is near impossible to see the possible damages, long term struggle and potential destruction you may inflict on your own successes, and how it may effect the others around you or those that rely on you for their own existence!  To be honest, in the early years of my business, I was cruising through everyday like a Clydesdale with blinders on, completely unaware of my surroundings, just taking my family along for a ride…not realizing the ride was about as comfortable as riding a downhill bike with a broken seat post, two deflated tires and missing brakes -bumpy, painful, nauseating, frightening and emotionally draining.

It was only when I almost lost it all that I decided to take the blinders off, step back from my current struggle and see where I went wrong.  At that point, I took the advice and perspective of those closest to me, and even though I am currently paying for my lack of perspective, regaining their trust, rebuilding their faith, I have certainly gained a new found respect for the sacrifice, dedication and perspective of those I have failed along the road.

To those reading this that have begun their journey into the world of business ownership or even deciding on a new career, job, school etc… talk to someone!  not that crazy friend who is exactly like you who will tell you that opening a squirrel farm is a wise idea, but someone who has been there before, who is older, wiser and knows the business you are entering into.  Take the advice of those closest to you…take it to heart, think on it and heavily consider and weigh it out.

Their Perspective may be different from yours, but they may see what you can’t.

Until next time….be well!vision perspective

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