What is Next: Lacrosse and Life Lessons | struggle, hustle and succeeding on purpose

Asking “What is Next” does not have to cause a sickening visceral reaction anymore. Through failure, flaws and unfortunate circumstances, a journey through life and business was changed with those three words spoken to a championship lacrosse team. This is a story of lessons learned through the hardships of over fifteen years in business, entrepreneurship, strained relationships, mental health struggles, grief and mountains of debt and a new outlook for a brighter, positive future. Goals and dreams don’t have to come at such a high price if we take each step as it comes, always asking “What is Next”!

Are you stuck unsure how to move forward?
Is it easier to simply ignore the process and put your dream on hold?
Do you feel like you are alone? In Debt? Ready to quit?

In a world where Hustle is king, Josh proposes a new focused intent and a new framework for ensuring new or existing entrepreneurs can save themselves the hardships that he faced throughout his career as a clinic owner, massage therapist and athletic trainer, all while balancing home life as a husband and father of Five!

Through stories and analogies, Josh is able to convey a message of hope in an overwhelming and treacherous journey pursuing your life and business goals.

Through lessons learned with a championship Lacrosse team, the focus of the framework enables you to consider all facets of your life without losing focus on making your dreams a reality.

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