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Return to Function is a multidisciplinary injury rehabilitation clinic in Peterborough Ontario. Since 2008, our goal has been to serve and educate members of our community and to provide Peak Performance care for all our clients. With a Mobility and Performance focused therapy, our manual approach to assessment and treatment focuses on returning clients to their normal functioning, pre-injury state. We aim to find the root cause of injury or dis-function in order to reduce pain, enhance movement and improve performance. Educating and encouraging individuals in their journey back from injury, enabling them to strive for their projected life goals, is an essential ingredient of the treatment process.

Through an Integrated Therapy Model combining Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Dynamic & Mobility Taping, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation, Soft Tissue Release, Remedial Exercise and Therapeutic Ultrasound, each treatment is individual and designed to your specific needs for your optimal health. No matter your occupation or lifestyle, whether an Elite Professional Athlete, Weekend Warrior, Office Manager or Stay-at-Home Mom, we all need to function at the top of our game. The focus is on what can be done through training, education and integrated therapy to help individuals get back the life they had before injury; fully rehabilitated.

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Have you checked out our incredible new location & our amazing Partners at Hybrid Fitness.Health.Performance?


From all of us at Return to Function, Thank you for an unbelievable 10 years…. we look forward to continuing to provide the best rehabilitation services in Peterborough & Kawarthas

Yours in Health,

Josh Martin & the Return to Function Team!

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shayla-conrad-150x150Dr. Shayla Conrad

Dr. Conrad will be providing chiropractic and medical acupuncture services.

natasha-legace-150x150Natasha Lagacé

Natasha is dual Athletic Therapist and Registered Massage Therapist and will be providing both services at the clinic.


Call now to book your Assessment and Treatment, and to discuss your optimal performance. Discovering muscle imbalances, key weaknesses and sport specific mechanical issues before game time, will allow each athlete the ability to compete and thrive at their optproactiveimal level. At Return to Function we provide peak performance care that will enhance your season, reduce the occurrence of injury and keep you in the game. We will also be here during your season for all you therapeutic and rehabilitation needs! It’s time to be ProActive!

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Dynamic Taping is now available at Return to Function!


Text Box: DYNAMIC TAPING WORKSHOP  Dynamic Taping workshops are highly practical, four hour workshops which provide participants with a clear understanding of the mechanical and physiological mechanisms and equips them with a number of techniques that can be used immediately in clinical practice.  They build on the clinician's own knowledge of biomechanics and encourages them to begin to develop their own techniques in order to meet the individual needs of their clients. Our Certified Instructors are highly qualified and skilled clinicians and possess extensive experience in teaching and in the management of elite athletes.